Monday 22 February 2021

Our Island Resident Species-Dragonflies(5).

The last entry in our Island resident species list describes the final three species. The large and impressive Golden-ringed Dragonfly is frequently seen on the Isle of Wight, in woodland rides and fields when immature, and  along streams when mature. Territorial males will  patrol up and down  their breeding waterways while the female may be seen  prodding her long needle-like ovipositor into the bed of shallow water while hovering in flight to deposit her eggs.

The Emperor Dragonfly is perhaps our largest dragonfly, and the male Emperor is unmistakable  as he quarters  any large pond. The female is a visitor to ponds large and small in order to lay her eggs.

The Migrant Hawker is a late summer hawker and seen here into October. It is usual to see this species in woodland rides hawking for insects well into the evening.


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