Tuesday 17 September 2019

Back to the Southern Emeralds at Bouldnor.

Returning to the Southern Emerald site at Yarmouth today I was rewarded with a sighting of a female damselfly immediately on reaching the small scrape.Just as quickly she gave me the slip and I was unable to relocate her.Wandering around this scrape for about twenty minutes I had seven seperate sightings of male Southern Emeralds.How many individuals there were I cannot say.
Walking to the large scrape I again drew a blank.Retracing my steps, I had several more male sightings at the first scrape and while observing a particular male I noticed a joined pair just a few inches away.With this spell of settled,warm,summerlike weather set to continue for some days yet,hopefully more mating behaviour will be forthcoming.

Saturday 14 September 2019

Summer Returns to Help Our Southern Emeralds.

We are now enjoying a period of late summer weather with temperatures in excess of twenty Celsius.It can only assist the Southern Emerald Damselflies at Yarmouth in prolonging their breeding season.This afternoon's visit to the Bouldnor site was rewarded with three males and a female.All the males were seen at the small scrape,while the female was recorded on the 'path' between the two scrapes. Yet again there were no sightings at the large scrape.



Thursday 5 September 2019

Southern Emeralds in their Fifth Month at Yarmouth.

Another week and another visit to Bouldnor Forest to see the Southern Emerald Damselflies at their breeding site.To date all of the recent sightings have been at the smaller scrape and today was no exception with up to four males gliding through the reeds of this very dry pond.The larger scrape seems to be devoid of any activity but this season the numbers are particularly low and the odd male may be lurking there somewhere.