Friday 18 August 2017

Quiet at Bouldnor.

Dodging the heavy showers was the name of the game today although when the sun shone it was pleasantly warm.However a walk around the ponds at Bouldnor did not produce any great quantity of dragonflies.Most prolific were male Ruddy Darters and they could be seen every few feet along the banks of the ponds.There were also  several Common Darters but none of the larger dragonflies that I would expect to see at this time of year.This was also true of damselflies as I only encountered one male Common Blue Damselfly and a single male Emerald Damselfly. 

Saturday 5 August 2017

Busy at Brighstone Mill Stream.

I decided to make a brief visit the mill stream at Brighstone today as I was passing close by. The sun was shining and there were a few  hot spots along the stream,just right for sun loving dragonflies. Not surprisingly Common Darters were numerous as too were Banded Demoiselles. It was good to see a male Golden-ringed Dragonfly patrolling a short stretch of the stream and obligingly perching on any convenient reed stem. Another dragonfly also with the same intent, was a Southern Hawker that found an overhanging branch.