Monday 19 April 2021

New Arrival.

There was no doubt that this particular female Large Red emerged from my garden pond today. She was found clinging to the reed stem with the larval case a few inches below. I hope that it is the  first of many to emerge from the pond this season.


Sunday 18 April 2021

Garden Pond See's First Damselfly of the Year.

At my pond today was the first damselfly to be seen in the garden this year. A female Large Red Damselfly was spotted sitting on a bamboo leaf and with no evidence of it emerging from my pond I wonder if she came from the established pond next door. Either way, a welcome sight.

Saturday 17 April 2021

First Large Red's on Show.

What  a pleasure to see the first damselfly of the season today at the Battery pond in Bouldnor Forest near to Yarmouth. In fact there were three teneral Large Red Damselflies, two fluttering away from cover close to the pond edge and this male a short distance away.