Tuesday 30 July 2013

High Summer Dragons

At this time the variety of odonata is maybe at its peak,helped at last by the prolonged spell of hot summer weather.
At Walters Copse there are good numbers of adult Southern Hawkers hunting along the woodland rides and also Migrant Hawkers,Beautiful Demoiselles and numerous Darters.The following photos of a male Southern Hawker and a Ruddy Darter were just two of many.

Even back at my garden pond the male Common Darter is on now taking up station awaiting females and to date there have been numerous tenerals seen preparing to take their first flights from the pond.


Friday 26 July 2013

An Early Migrant Hawker

On the a visit to Bleak Down yesterday to see the Grayling  (see http://marmari2011.blogspot.co.uk/) I came across at least three Migrant Hawkers hunting along a narrow path leading to the Down.This small hawker will be seen until late autumn.
It is a common dragonfly on the Island and breeds on well vegetated lakes and ponds.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Banded Demoiselles Galore.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Southford stream today in the south of the Isle of Wight.
On yet another scorching hot day a stroll along this stream was a treat.Lots of Banded Demoiselles to see and every few yards a Golden-ringed Dragonfly.The latter does certainly seem to be having a good season as there have been numerous sightings on the Island of this spectacular dragonfly.

Monday 15 July 2013

Summer at Shalfleet Stream.

With the hot sunny weather continuing it was an ideal time to take a stroll along a stretch of stream at Shalfleet.It is home to Beautiful Demoiselles a colourful and elegant damselfly.It was not long before I saw several blue males dancing in display over the stream in a sunny spot.The green females tend to hang back in the stream side bushes and trees,approaching the water to mate.

Friday 12 July 2013

More Summer Visitors?

The high chalk cliffs that make up  much of the coastline around the Needles are landfall for many flying insects during the summer months.Today on West High Down there was a brisk onshore breeze and I was surprised to come upon ,near to the cliff edge,a male Banded Demoiselle as well as a Common Blue Damselfly.Of course they could have just as likely flown there from inland but it seems that this location on chalk downland is not their normal habitat.


Thursday 11 July 2013

More Dragonflies at Walters Copse.

Following the recent sight of two Golden-ringed dragonflies in the copse, today's summer weather brought out other dragonflies to hunt along the woodland rides.
Almost at once I came across an immature Southern Hawker which landed in front of me.This is my first sighting of this species of the season.A bit later a male Emperor was spotted sunning itself on a bramble bush.It was not long before it took off to patrol the ride.
There were also a few darters here and there which all seemed to be Ruddy Darters.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Four-spotted Chaser.

Not an uncommon dragonfly on mainland Britain but on the Isle of Wight there is only one known breeding location.So when this male appeared at my garden pond today I was somewhat gobsmacked.

Monday 8 July 2013

Finding a Shady Place to Eat Lunch.

At Walters Copse,Newtown today it was another hot day and the sight of two Golden-ringed dragonflies hunting along a leafy ride was a pleasure to see.Continually quartering and putting on a burst of speed now and again it was not long before a meal was caught.The Meadow Brown butterflies were easy prey and when consumed the wings were discarded.The prey was often taken to a shady spot underneath a leaf as seen in the following photos.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Ruddy Marvellous Weather

With the return of the summer weather for at least a few days the ponds at Clamerkin NT are showing some increased activity.The Ruddy Darter is now on the wing and mating pairs can be seen.
Good numbers of Emerald Damselflies too,with many adult males on the lookout for a mate.