Tuesday 27 July 2021

Demoiselles and Golden Rings.

Yesterday's walk along a short stretch of Shalfleet Stream produced good numbers of Beautiful Demoiselles. However the main species of interest was the impressive Golden-ringed Dragonfly that with luck are seen here. Good fortune was with me as I soon came upon an individual  flying ahead of me along the path between the wooded stream and a field boundary. The female took time to land at various points but eventually made off toward the stream.


Sunday 18 July 2021

Southern Emerald Damselflies Again on Show.

Just as a week ago the highlight of the day at Yarmouth were the Southern Emerald Damselflies. At least two individuals were recorded, one male and a female, and both were spotted in the exact same location  as the female seen last week. Obviously a favourite spot. Both breeding scrapes are still full of water as are the other ponds on the site and Emperor Dragonflies again in prominence along with Black- tailed Skimmers and Common Darters.

Friday 9 July 2021

Better Late Than Not At All.

Top sighting today at Yarmouth was a female Southern Emerald Damselfly a short distance away from the two breeding ponds in Bouldnor Forest. Despite numerous visits to the site since mid-May this is the first record of Lestes barbarus  for 2021. At this time of year the two ponds are normally dry but other than a short period in early June, heavy bouts of rain have meant that they are continually full of water. This has given the opportunity for other species, such as the Emperor Dragonfly, to persistently quarter the ponds. Another dragonfly of note was an immature female Southern Hawker spotted hunting along a forest ride.