Resident Demoiselle Species on the Isle of Wight.

 Like the Banded, the immature male and female Beautiful Demoiselle have brown eyes and wings. When mature the male develops dark eyes and dark brown-black wings and the female has dark brown wings. 

It is always a treat to witness the sight of several mature males sparring in flight over a sunlit section of stream to maintain their territories and impress the females. They particularly like farmland and woodland streams on the Island including well-shaded watercourses. Females can lay many eggs at a time and like to deposit them in emergent or floating plants.

Both demoiselle species are found on the Isle of Wight. The Banded Demoiselle can be abundant along our slow flowing watercourses and the adult male is striking  with its iridescent black band across the wings. The adult female can be separated from the Beautiful Demoiselle by displaying pale green wings rather than the brown of the latter species.

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