Tuesday 30 April 2019

Another Broad-bodied Chaser.

Not much sunshine today at Bouldnor Forest ponds.However it did not stop this female Broad-bodied Chaser from making a brief appearance. She was seen not too far away from the immature male sighted on the 25th.
Further sightings  today were restricted to several Large Red Damselflies,some of which were adult males and one teneral female Azure Damselfly, pictured below.

Monday 29 April 2019

First Azure Makes a Final Appearance.

It was with great surprise that I today saw an immature male Red-eyed Damselfly at my garden pond.It is the first time  this species has been recorded in the garden. I wonder if this is a one off or maybe as my pond has water lilies,further sightings could be possible especially as my next door neighbour  has a larger pond than mine and it is full of water lilies.
Earlier in the day at one of several small container ponds that are in the garden there was an exuvia on a plant stem.The damselfly it seemed,had already flown but some time later it was noted that an expired teneral male Azure was floating just under the water surface.Whether this was the damselfly that emerged is unknown but it would seem likely.Anyway this the first sighting of Azures this season.


Thursday 25 April 2019

Broad-bodied Chaser,First Dragonfly of the Year.

A visit to Bouldnor Forest ponds at Yarmouth today was rewarded with a first dragonfly of the season.An immature male Broad-bodied Chaser encountered in a sunny spot to the rear of one of the several ponds at this site.
Also two teneral Blue-tailed Damselflies seen at the same location along with many Large Red Damselflies.

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Activity at the Garden Pond.

With new emerged damselflies leaving my garden pond every day now,the first adult male Large Red Damselfly took up residence yesterday.Hopefully it will not be long before  a bevy of damselflies are active around and on the pond.

Saturday 20 April 2019

Large Reds and Spring Get Going.

Thankfully the cold wind of several days ago that put a halt to spring has now gone and we are enjoying a spell of summer like weather with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius.Accordingly the emergence of Large Reds has begun in earnest with over twenty tenerals seen at the old pond Bouldnor in just  the few minutes that I was present.Likewise at my garden pond small numbers of Large Reds are emerging each day.

Saturday 13 April 2019

Large Reds Emerge from the Garden Pond.

A first Large Red Damselfly was noticed at my garden pond on Thursday.Flying away from the margins it briefly landed before disappearing over the hedge.This afternoon I had better luck as a male Large Red left the water and emerged on a bulrush stem.In time he gradually climbed the stem away from the exuvia to prepare for his maiden flight.
Amazingly this damselfly remained on the reed stem until Tuesday the 16th,when at around 2pm he flew off.This delay can only be due to the very chilly weather we have had since the 13th.A brisk easterly wind blew constantly until the 16th when temperatures noticably rose and the wind abated.

Wednesday 10 April 2019

The First Large Red Damselflies Take Flight.

Despite a very cold start to the day,the afternoon was warm and sunny.Just the right conditions it seems for the Large Red Damselflies to appear and start the new season.
A visit to the old pond  next the to remains of the WW2 Bouldnor Gun Battery was rewarded with  the sight of three teneral Large Reds fluttering away from the pond in search of cover.