Friday, 6 June 2014

Early Summer Strolls.

A return visit today to one of my local streams to see the Beautiful Demoiselles that are a joy to behold as the males spar with each other over the stream for the best territorial spot.
I encountered well over twenty individuals, mostly males, that are now in their own private space.One or two females were seen eyeing up the display flights.

There was still lots of warm sunny weather to enjoy this afternoon so I stopped by at Bouldnor Forest near Yarmouth to investigate the new ponds that have been created in the forest in the last year or two.
Pondside vegetation is now established although the banks are still bare stone and soil.In fact a good place  maybe to see some Black-tailed Skimmers that prefer landing on this type of  terrain.Among the species here today were recently emerged Common Darters,several male Broad-bodied Chasers together with two females,Blue-tailed Damselflies,and an ovipositing Emperor Dragonfly.
Happily I came across a male  Black-tailed Skimmer and also a mating pair.

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