Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Rare Treat.

The Scarce Chaser is not a common dragonfly on the Isle of Wight. In fact one is very fortunate to see it at all. Therefore when I had the opportunity to hopefully get a sight of this Chaser at an Island location it was a chance not to be missed..
In the company of a friend who has seriously searched for suitable habitat that might attract the Scarce Chaser we visited two areas. The first was a marsh maintained by the RSPB where it had been reported several years ago. Unfortunately despite some time looking at possible sites the Chaser was not seen. However there was no shortage of other more common species here with many Banded Demoiselles and damselflies along the riverbank. Around the ditches were Common and Ruddy Darters that had not long emerged.
At the second site not too far away which is a short stretch of muddy and very slow flowing stream we immediately came on a beautiful female Scarce Chaser perched very conveniently on a reed.
The Scarce Chaser preferred habitat is as just described with a good covering of  reed vegetation but having one or two small cleared areas of open water.
After this excellent first sighting a short distance farther on and at one these small open areas we saw a male which again was perched on what must be a favourite reed as it did not move off for some time.

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