Tuesday 27 July 2021

Demoiselles and Golden Rings.

Yesterday's walk along a short stretch of Shalfleet Stream produced good numbers of Beautiful Demoiselles. However the main species of interest was the impressive Golden-ringed Dragonfly that with luck are seen here. Good fortune was with me as I soon came upon an individual  flying ahead of me along the path between the wooded stream and a field boundary. The female took time to land at various points but eventually made off toward the stream.



  1. Now a Golden Ringed is one dragon I would love to see!

    1. Hi Brian, the Golden-ringed Dragonfly is quite common here on the Isle of Wight. A magnificent dragonfly it is too. I hope your season is good and always a pleasure to hear from you.

    2. It's been a great year with lots of new species photographed Peter. Even found a Lesser Emperor!