Friday, 16 May 2014

Flying Today.

Walking across the fields to my local pond this morning and the first sound of a cuckoo this year calling repeatedly.
At Clamerkin pond I immediately came across a Downy Emerald dragonfly on gorse and just time for one quick shot before it took off. I never had another opportunity to see it land..Perhaps a chance will present itself another time although this species is well known for its long flight periods over the water and then alighting in a tree.
Close by are several other smaller ponds and there I was very pleased to see a patrolling adult male Emperor Dragonfly which occasionally had a  territorial dispute with a male Broad-bodied Chaser.
Trudging through the long grass that surrounds these ponds I also disturbed five immature Emperors which had presumably very recently emerged closeby.
However not all made it away from the pond a this Emperor came to grief in a pondside spiders web


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