Sunday, 5 May 2013

First Damselfly on the year at my Garden Pond.

Today the first damselfly appeared at my garden pond.This was two weeks later than the first Large Red  at this location in 2012.However the weather has no doubt had a say in emergence times.The damselfly spent some time on this Marsh Marigold plant in the warm sunshine.

My pond is about 2 metres by 3 metresThis is a third season of the pond and the first when the Large Red can emerge from it as this species  generally has a two year cycle from egg to adult.It is likely that the above speciman originated from a nearby pond as I could see no evidence of it coming from mine.

Another Large Red,this time a female discovered in a flower bed in the garden on the 6th May.Soon to be seen in good numbers I am sure. 

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