Monday, 4 February 2013

Beautiful Demoiselles

The month of May signals frantic activity with the emergence of numerous species of dragonfly.Among them is the Beautiful Demoiselle,a fairly common damselfly in suitable habitat.
It frequents fast-flowing rivers and streams and a good place to see them on the Island is at Shalflleet stream which runs through the village of the same name.This stream flows through farmland and is a well-shaded watercourse because it is flanked by trees.
The males are very territorial and can sometimes be seen displaying in numbers over the stream in a dappled sunny spot. Otherwise they spend their time perched on bankside herbage preying after insects.
Once the females have matured they return to the streams to seek a mate and lay eggs.However, most of the  time they live away from water.

When immature the male demoiselle has brown eyes and wings which,in the latter case, become black with iridescent blue veins.The body is metallic blue-green.The female matures to a metallic green body with a bronze tip to the abdomen.

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