Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Reds Impress.

At this time of the year we look forward to a holiday in the Greek Islands and again our destination is the Aegean Island of Thassos.The sandy beach at Chrysi Ammoudia extends for 3 kms and is backed by a fertile plain to the mountains that overlook the bay.Twenty five years ago when we first visited the bay, the plain was devoid of holiday villas and apartments and many streams made their way from the mountains  to the shore.Inevitably things had to change,but pockets of reeds and some of the watercourses are still to be seen.Despite this human intrusion  dragonflies are around in some numbers, so find any water and they are sure to be close by.
No doubt the most noticeable of  all are the colourful male Scarlet Darters or Broad Scarlets. It is a spectacular species with the male an overall bright red. Males can be witnessed flying low over the water vying with other males for the best territorial spot.In contrast the females are a more sombre yellowy gold.